Frequently Asked Questions
Whom do we contact to find out more information on a Hut no. 8 Fandraiser?

Click here to go to our store locator and enter your ZIP code to find stores in your area. Call the store of your choice and speak with their staff to find out more information about a Hut no. 8 fundraiser.

Can any school or organization plan a Fundraiser?

Hut no. 8 partners with pre K“ - 12 schools and non-profit organizations each year to host events and raise money to support their programs.

Do we always need to reserve a date 8 weeks in advance?

A Hut no. 8 representative works with you and your organization to help you plan and communicate your book fair to your supporters. We have found that eight weeks allows for building awareness of your book fair among your supporters, scheduling all of the great events, and getting everyone excited about attending.

When is the best time to do a fundraiser?

Hut no. 8 schedules fundraisers year-round to accommodate your needs. Remember, our fundraisers are customized to focus on you, so whether you want to schedule an evevt to support your youth basketball program or your organization needs to generate some extra funds for their mission trip, we are available for you.

Do you hold the fundraiser at our location?

A Hut no. 8 fundraiser is held in our stores, offering your supporters our vast selection of clothing, shoes, purses, and other items, making it easy and rewarding for everyone to find something they love.

Is every item eligible to count as a fundraiser sale?

Almost everything in our stores are eligible fund raiser purchases.

The following transactions are not included in the in-store fundraiser totals:
  • The purchase of gift cards
  • Other items Hut no. 8 locations may exclude from time to time at its sole discretion
How much work is involved?

We coordinate all of the in-store merchandising, accounting needs and other details. We will also offer event ideas and provide you with ideas for marketing your fundraiser to your supporters. Your key role is to plan the events and to publicize and promote the fundraiser to all of your supporters.

How do I get marketing materials?

Click below to access the materials in a Microsoft Word format. Once the document is open, add your personal information in the appropriate sections and print.

8.5 x 11 Flyer:   B & W : : Color
11 x 17 Flyer:   B & W : : Color
Flyer with vouchers:   B & W : : Color
6 Vouchers:   B & W : : Color